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Aviko Super Crunch Fries 7mm
Category : Bulk Offers Weight : 2.5kg
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Item number: 20-156-001
Packaging: 2.5kg
Weight: 2.5kg
Country of origin: Netherlands
Brand Aviko
Shelf Life 18 Months
Ingredients Potatoes, sunflower oil, modified potato starch, rice flour, salt, dextrin, raising agent (E450, E500), maltodextrin, thickener (E415), turmeric, paprika extract.
Storage conditions at max. -18 °C
Benefits Find the perfect premium fries for your menu. Prepared with a gluten-free coating for extra crispiness, Aviko Supercrunch fries have a long holding time and are prepared using the best potato varieties. Super Crunch also has brilliant taste and appearance. They are the crispiest fries ever made. Gluten free, low salt.
Aviko Super Crunch Fries 7mm, Julienne.

Fryer – Max. 175°C, portion approx. 500g, 2½-3 min.

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