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Karan Beef Short-loin (T-bone) chilled
Category : Beef & Veal Weight : 4.5kg approx/piece
AED 236.00
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Item number: 10-075-059
Packaging: 4.5kg approx/piece. Actual weight may vary +/- 15% on final invoice
Weight: 4.5kg approx/piece
Country of origin: South Africa
Brand Karan Beef
Shelf Life 90 Days
Ingredients Beef Shortloin chilled
Storage conditions Chilled 0 to 5 °C
Benefits Karan Beef aspires to maintain its distinction as the premier supplier of the highest quality beef available in South Africa. Healthiest animals from specially selected breeds are 120 days Grain-fed. Emphasis is on hygiene and quality, resulting in the fineness and tenderness for which Karan Beef is renowned. All our meat is chilled and vacuum packed to ensure freshness.
Beef Short-loin (T-bone) bone in, chilled. Actual item weight may vary +/- 15% on final invoice.

T-bone, Porterhouse, Strip steaks.

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