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Omega Little Neck Clams
Category : Meat & Seafood Weight : 1kg
AED 46.00
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Item number: 10-023-005
Packaging: 1Kg (approx. 30 Clams)
Weight: 1kg
Country of origin: New Zealand
Brand Omega Seafood
Shelf Life 12 Months
Storage conditions Chilled 0 to 5 C°
Benefits Extremely fresh, all-natural, no additives, uniform size. Shells cleaned and graded. Each pouch comes with roughly 1 cup of delicious and natural clam stock.
Allergens Seafood
Omega Little Neck Clams, Vacuum packed & pasteurized. Gourmet vacuum packed long life New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels and Clams. Our Littleneck Clams are sourced from wild catch, quota managed fisheries in New Zealand’s South Island. They are swum in natural seawater to release any grit before being pouched and pressure cooked. Their natural flavours are retained while food safety and product shelf life are enhanced.

Serve chilled or prep like live.

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